E-mail  Estimate. To allow us to give you an estimate please fill in this form and we will send you a computer design and quotation . This is a free service.We advise you bookmark this page and print out a copy of it so you can get the required measurments on your printout and then return to the bookmarked page and fill out the details.It doesn't matter if you can't fill out all the details we will work with what you send us.

What kind of door would you like?

          Select:     Or give specific door name from brochure. Door:

                                                         Download (will open in new window):  Brochure1          Brochure 2

What type of  extractor fan would you like?

Do you require a free computer drawing(example shown) ?

Please list appliances that you wish to use (e.g. eyelevel /undercounter oven,tall fridge(integrated),dishwasher, etc.)

If there are specific features you want in your kitchen please list them below:

e.g.  Glass, retractable larder unit, 1.5 bowl sink, plate rack, wine rack, sorter bin, broom cupboard, eyelevel oven, window pelmit,granite,corian,solid wood worktop, etc.

A kitchen can be designed to meet most budgets. Please give us a guideline as to your  Budget

 2,000-3,000   3,000-4,000    4,000-5,000  5,000-10,000   10,000-30,000

Shape of your kitchen?

Straight line           L shaped             U shaped               U shaped with B-bar (right)            U shaped with B-bar (left)


Measurments:(we will require the measurments of your walls and windows). in MM

Wall    A            Wall   B     Wall   C    B-bar

Width of window        is window on wall A,B or C ?  Size of wall to left of window

Other relevent information

Please, please, please ,Upload either a picture of your existing kitchen. This really helps with the design process as a picture is better than a 1000 words for showing how the room is laid out and we can usually determine incorrect measurments from the old kitchen layout.

Picture 1:

Picture 2:

Picture 3:

You can also e-mail us at bestvaluekitchens@eircom.net  and attach  a sketch of the plan.Don't worry if it is not perfect as it would of course be checked before anything would be made.

 Please include your email address to get the reply.

Tell us how to get in touch with you:


Please give a contact number as we may have questions while designing

Do You require a DIY  Quote? (If you have your own fitter we will supply the kitchen fully assembled (drawers fitted in units)and factory direct. This is by far the most economical of getting the fully designed and built kitchen.

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