Waste Disposal Unit

In 2005 pay by weight bin charges go nationwide. 25% of waste is foodstuffs.Installing a waste disposal unit not only pays for itself it keeps all smells from your bins leaving just packaging.

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Waste Disposal

What is a food waste disposal?

Around 25% of household waste is food ... the kind that goes off rapidly especially in a warm kitchen. Smells, bacteria and insects can be real problems inside and outside the home. Messy, leaking bags and those frequent trips to the outside storage bin can be things of the past.


A waste disposal unit is so easy to use. Just turn on the cold water tap, switch on and empty the food waste into the sink opening. It only takes seconds. No knives, no blades. A spinning metal plate pushes the food against a tough grind ring fixed to the wall of the food chamber. It is ground safely and simply to fine particles which then pass through small holes in the plate and out in suspension through the normal drainage pipes.


What's more, the In-Sink-Erator special induction motor and overall design ensure a surprising level of quietness. Optimum shape and design for the food chamber and motor, combined with tough, lighter weight materials including stainless steel, enable outstanding performance with plenty of available storage space under the sink.

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Waste disposal units are kitchen appliances that are an increasingly essential part of any kitchen.

An In-Sink-Erator waste disposal unit grinds food waste to fine particles and is flushed away out of your home ... in seconds. No more problem bins and fewer trips outside. It could not be easier or more convenient. An In-Sink-Erator waste disposal unit fits to just about any kitchen sink and there is a range of models to suit every need.

Chicken and other bones, fish, meat, vegetables, fruit, nuts, egg-shells and much, much more. The rigid construction and powerful motor is designed to get rid of most food waste quickly and quietly. The finely ground waste is then flushed through the normal waste pipes.

Today, In-Sink-Erator is the best selling food waste disposer brand in the world. This success is built upon the simple principles of designing and manufacturing the best products, providing genuine choice within the range, offering great value and providing the highest level of market and after sales support.